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Carpet Cleaning Service 60 years VANCOLA Professional Carpet
Upholstery Tile and Pressure Cleaning Lakeland to Orlando FL...
NOT A FRANCHISE - We personally do all our own work for you!

A Action VanCola Professional Carpet

and Disaster Cleaning
Lakeland, FL  

* Serving Lakeland, Polk City, Auburndale,

Western Winter Haven, Bartow and Mulberry, FL

Call (863) 859-2598 ...
Western Polk Cty


A Action VanCola Carpet Upholstery Tile

and Pressure Cleaning Orlando
Orlando, FL

*And serving Orlando, Celebration, Davenport, Champions

Gate, Haines City, 
and Eastern Winter Haven, FL

Call (407) 575-0870 ... 
stern Polk Cty




Welcome payment with Check or Ca$h.

***** "ACTIVE" Military DISCOUNT$ *****

                ~ and POLICE DISCOUNT$ ~

60-experience-.jpg60 yrs. Paid-Professionally  

50 yrs. Self-Employed
40 yrs. Certified Master

 *****315 x 5-star ratings for both locations

from all Internet-Platforms; Google, FaceBook, Superpages, etc.


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We Don't Kick-Back For Reviews or PAY For Internet-Placements!

And for those without Internet, we "truly appreciate Repeat Customers"

Thank You All!


....NOT Any Franchise-System Cleaning
No One Cleans Like We Do....Anymore!

*Exclusive, proven “techniques and methods”

 over many decades for customized-cleaning by


deeper, faster & brighter to remove old-cleaner's

chemical-residues....Ours Stays Cleaner Longer!

**We are "all-family" here for consistant-quality!

*TIP: Just “rinsing” hands doesn’t work for Covid... Nor just “rinsing” teeth,

 or just rinsing clothes, or dishes, or just steam-rinsing your carpeting either.

Old School: Scrub-wash 1st to sanitize & 2nd steam-rinse = rudimentary CLEANS,

stays cleaner longer without re-soiling sooner = an investment worth the $avings.

…Connecting Businesses and Communities

With a dozen+ Franchise Carpet Cleaning Systems all competing:

      "Your Family Deserves Better Than Franchise Cleaning"

                              ~ A Action VANCOLA ~

CLEANING 101; Protecting your largest investment$ = pays dividend$ for decades.

Change your engine oil every 3,000 miles = cars can last 200 to 300,000 mile$.

Cleaning your home's exterior = will extent life of paint and roofing$

Monthly A/C filter changes & Bi-Yearly inspections = your Heat/Air units last and save$ bigtime.

Brushing teeth twice-daily, floss & professional Dental Cleaning every 6 month$ = can last a lifetime!

And having a professional-service "clean your carpeting & rugs yearly" = can easily last 40+ year$.

  • "Have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. More frequently if necessary;"
    (Light-colors or whites, having pets, bare-feet, Berbers, wear work boots, infrequent-vacuuming)


Family Owned & Operated in Lakeland since 1985
60 years of Professional Cleaning Services


Carpet Cleaning Services

"VanCola Professional" provides the finest in Carpet Cleaning Service; braided, silks, drury, wool oriental carpet cleaning service in your home or business. You never have to worry about NOT getting your own valuable Oriental rug returned to YOU again!

And also provide Wet & Solvent Dry-Cleaning required services for Upholstery Furniture; linen cottons wool blends velvets Micro-fiber & leather cleaned. Also Tile & Grout Cleaning Service and Pressure Washing Cleaning Services for homes and pool decks.


Experienced & Specialty Services

In addition,
 helping keep your Carpeting Textiles and Upholstered fabrics looking great all year with our timely
"Annual premium-cleaning" services to keep the
"Industry Manufacturer's Warranties" Active!

We also aid in a wide variety of other cleaning needs inside & around your home or office required for; pet malodors, mildew, nicotine odor, stained tile grout services, water damage restoration, and also helps you retrieve rental deposits.  


Family Owned & Operated in Florida since 1985


A Action VanCola Professional Carpet Cleaning Service,

Oriental Rugs, Furniture Upholstery Cleaning Service, 

Tile Grout Cleaning and Pressure Washing; Lakeland to Orlando

"Nobody Does It Better"    ~   
"No One Cleans Better For Less"

"Twice the job at 1/2 the price$"



*Our repeat customers, "
over 38 years" in Florida, are a testament to our success & longevity,
and something any company cannot buy, but must be earned....We honor that trust.

It's important to know who's working in your home today.

 "Your Family Deserves Better Than Franchise Cleaning!"


Thank you very much,
Gary VanCola
*Also, a "Thank You" to our most important US Citizens serving 24-Hour Duty
at home and away on foreign shores, & Police making our very lives possible!

~  60 years of Professional Cleaning Services  ~




You know the old saying:"YOU get what you pay for!"....WATCH


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A Action VANCOLA FaceBook pages

A Couple Reviews from customers on our Carpet Cleaning Service:

("Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value...

* "I love these guys. The best in Lakeland!! I had a white couch and I had all kinds of stains on there. Nobody could help me. These guys guaranteed me too tier service. They not only get the job done but they do it with a smile on their face and comedic jokes and laughter. I highly recommend!!"

** "We have been using VanCola Professional Carpet Cleaners for at least 20 years. I can't say enough good things about this company. It is a family business that takes pride in the work they do, are responsible, and are very courteous. When you call them, you don't have to give the job a second thought

*** "We just moved into our rental for a few months while our house is being renovated after the flood.
The carpets in this house were dirty and very smelly. 
Van Cola Carpet Cleaners did an amazing job cleaning a deodorizing them.

"I didn't know there was a difference between regular carpet steamers that just shoot hot water
and then suck it out,
but these guys who spot treat stains and smells, shampoos, steam cleans,
 and then rakes the carpet to bring the pile back up......It was a very good experience.
I highly recommend them! ")




Even if your carpets don’t look like they need cleaning: THEY DO!




**You wouldn’t just rinse your dishes or your laundry,
 or even your car, the rain does that,

so we don’t "just rinse" your soiled carpeting either; WE CLEAN THEM!

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VanCola Professional 

A Action VanCola Carpet Clean

A Action VanCola Carpet Upholstery Tile and Pressure Cleaning Orlando





Gary VanCola - Founder and Owner / Operator


Carpet Cleaning Technician

Journeyman Cleaning Technician

Master Cleaning Technician

Upholstery Cleaning Technician

Journeyman Upholstery Cleaning Technician

Journeyman Textile Cleaner

Master Textile Cleaning Technician

Odor Control Technician

Color Repair Technician

Carpet Repair Technician

Water Damage Technician

Mold Remediation Specialist

Journeyman Restoration Technician

Water Damage Restoration Technician

Fire & Smoke Restoration Technician

Master Restoration Technician

   (1-of-only-3) Industry-Certified

     in the State of Florida in 1988!


*Ladies know;

You "dry-clean" your Suit, your dog, your hair when in a rush,

but "wet-clean" your dishes, agitate your clothes, bath & shower yourself,

because it’s more-thorough, complete, healthier and so important….

 why just "dry-clean" your bedroom-carpeting that you walk-on all year,

   and you breathe-in all night?

***Shampoo scrub and sanitize rinse!….The old-way is still the best way!



Do you have a special Doctor, a Dentist, car Mechanic, hair Stylist?...

Experience…. Technique…. Results…. Dedication to craft!....

*Same with "expert" carpet & furniture "cleaning!"....

If YOU want it really CLEAN, we’re YOUR TEAM!

VANCOLA Professional - Your special choice!



 “CLEANING FLOORS” – TIP: Spending "BIG BUCKS" replacing

 your soft, quiet and warm "carpet and padded" floor covering,

 with a hard, noisy and cold stone/ceramic, wood, or laminate floor covering
 in order to reduce your cleaning tasks, or for the allergenic concerns,

 (YOU'LL still have the "exact same-amount of environment soils"

invading your home every single day to contend with!

 ….But, YOU'LL no longer have the “physical-property" advantages of 4th and 5th Generation Nylon

 carpet fibers that (collect, hold and control) particulates, contaminants, pollutants,

 and were stopping animal-hair, dirt and dust blowing everywhere, until YOU REMOVE IT.

 Professional Cleaners, cleaning hard-surface flooring's have a "premium price-point cost",

 as compared to carpet cleaning-requirements. So Pro’s don’t mind the UP-SALE opportunity!

Carpeting doesn’t create soils, it "collects and holds dirt"....

...unlike slick hard floorings!

 Holds-it in place temporarily until it’s removed, just so You don’t breathe-it-in DAILY!


 An added bonus and protection; unlike forgiving padded carpeted floors,

glass and babies never bounce-off any of your hard flooring choices!

...With 9 grandchildren, we know!






We are all living in uncertain times, so we hope the tips and recommendations above will help serve and protect you and your loved ones.....The VanCola's...... 

GOD bless the United States of AMERICA...

......And all points in between......

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