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(863) 859-2598
Western POLK County 
..Lakeland, FL 33802..
Polk City, Auburndale,
 Bartow & Mulberry

(407) 575-0870

Eastern POLK County
Davenport, Haines City,
Winter Haven and 
Orlando, FL 32819...

A Action VanCola Professional

At "VANCOLA’s " we've been confident enough to use
our own "Family Name" on our Cleaning Business 
50 years!  

Serving: Polk and Orange counties.

We were "Cleaning GREEN" before Green was a theme!

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The County Advisory Board Spotlight Story for “VanCola Professional”

Carpet Cleaning Company | Carpet Cleaner Orlando, FL
Carpet Cleaning Company | Carpet Cleaner Lakeland, FL
Carpet Cleaning Service | Carpet Cleaner Orlando, FL
Carpet Cleaning Service | Carpet Cleaner Lakeland, FL


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    It's always nice to know who's working in
    your home today because y
    our family
    deserves better than Franchise Cleaning!



An appreciated "Before and After" by the Parishioners of this Church,

given proper time to prep, pre-treat, power-scrub and steam-rinse,

miracles can indeed happen!



“Too much of a good thing can make a bad situation much worse!”……

This is interesting; after a Landlord ripped-out (1) bedroom of damaged-carpeting in his Rental, of whom his Renter had dogs and not reported them;

See the lighter-splotchy stains all-over the darker orange chip-board flooring? Those lighter-spots were burned into the wood by the original dog’s heavy urine-deposits upon the carpet above, through the padding, and down to the wood flooring below.
(Same happens on cement floors, and worse to remove)…..

That normal natural-colored large-rectangle to the right had never received that professional Steam Cleaner’s 1000-psi drowning,
performed on the majority of room’s carpeting…

All that power-driven water quickly dilutes and mixes with all the stored-urine-salts stored-in the carpeting, its backing & the pad above,
then spreads that dog urine salt-tide throughout the entire room “staining the remainder of the chip-board = orange”,
except for under the bed, absent the Steam Cleaner’s flooding process!

This situation was "always a lost cause” and should have been recognized and not-wasted the Landlord’s money,
yet there is a technique to clean and save lesser-damaged carpeting for Owners if required, just not with this commonly-used cleaning-method!....

TIP: Never provide “standing-water” for your pets after 6-PM,

run-them before sleep and 1st thing in morning, and always
Safari crate-them when not at home to prevent this above,
and perhaps this too:


A Action VanCola ....

**Please contact us directly by calling;

(863) 859-2598 for Lakeland

and Western POLK County;
Polk City, Auburndale,

& Mulberry



(407) 575-0870 for ORLANDO

and EASTERN Polk County:

Haines City and Winter Haven


We "DO NOT" monitor this VanCola Carpet Cleaning Website,

We are much too busy out WORKING at your service=CALL US



For: Lakeland, Polk City, Auburndale, Bartow & Mulberry, FL 

Call  (863) 859-2598 ... for Western Polk County


And for: Orlando, Davenport, Haines City, Winter Haven, FL
Call  (407) 575-0870 ... for Eastern Polk County

  ****  and POLICE DISCOUNT$  ****


You know the old saying:"YOU get what you pay for!"....WATCH


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A Couple Reviews from customers on our Carpet Cleaning Service:
( "We just moved into our rental for a few months while our house is being renovated after the flood.
The carpets in this house were dirty and very smelly. 
Van Cola Carpet Cleaners did an amazing job cleaning a deodorizing them.

I didn't know there was a difference between regular carpet steamers that just shoot hot water
and then suck it out,

 but these guys who spot treat stains and smells, shampoos, steam cleans,
 and then rakes the carpet to bring the pile back up......It was a very good experience.
I highly recommend them! ")




Even if your carpets don’t look like they need cleaning THEY DO!




**You wouldn’t just rinse your dishes or your laundry,
 or even your car, the rain does that,

so we don’t "just rinse" your soiled carpeting either; WE CLEAN THEM!

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VanCola Professional 

A Action VanCola Carpet Clean

A Action VanCola Carpet Upholstery Tile and Pressure Cleaning Orlando




                " NO  ONE  CLEANS  BETTER  FOR  LESS ! "               



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